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Each one of us is victim of stereotypes which are well rooted into our daily life and expressed through the common use of a language that contains a full range of violent terms. Terms and words coming out of a poor social context which is directed by the medias through a language used to repress ideas and knowledge. This terms and stereotypes are so well rooted in the culture that most of the time it is very hard to know what they mean and to be aware of them. Through a system like that, most of the violence exchanged is hidden behind a curtain of smoke based on ignorance - which keeps living through the automatisms of the language. A declared insult, most of the times is something that comes out automatically. “Dojologic” will be a project which will base its essence on insults. Using insults as an “art”; conceived as being able to understand the real meaning of the terms commonly used in daily life and to put this into a game which will be a funny martial art match. The context where this theatrical match will be set is the concept of Dōjō.

A Dōjō (道場) is a japanese term that describes the place where the training for martial arts takes place. It means the place (jō) where you follow the way (dō). The dojo is like a small society, with very precise rules that have to be followed. When the students wear the keikogi (a sort of kimono), they become all equal, their personal social and economical condition is left in the changing room. Courage, kindness, reciprocal help and self-respect are things that enter the social-cultural behavior of the student. Inside the Dojo there’s no violence, martial arts put the focus on mental force and not physical. For this reason the essence of insults will be made understand in the way that it cannot be used as a weapon but, in case it is needed, as a tool of dialogue. And the concept of Dojo very well fits into the possible method of work.

The final aim of the workshop will be to analyze together the language and create a common thinking and questioning.

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05.04.2014 - 12.04.2014


Vivaio del Malcantone

Contact person: Lorenzo > Italy


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