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T.A.L.E. - tell another, learn each other

We live in stories. They’re fun, dramatic, fantastic, miserable, personal, folkloristic, and – as long as someone is telling his tale – true. We accept the possibilities of every story, and we have one too, it makes us the heroes of our personal journeys.
Share stories is the way a person starts knowing another person, it is the way to accept the subjective differences between everyone. Revealing our stories is the simpliest way to end prejudices, to break stereotypes, to find our implied transculture.
The workshop focus on the link between folkloristic and personal narratives: through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction of narrative structure it is possible to create a modern tales where people can recognize themselves and understand the others as part of the same story.

The TALE cluster group in Italy was composed by Bernardo Anichini, Tommaso Campanini, Filippo Rossi, Giulio Zeloni. The workshops were held in Florence (Italy) in two really different "environments", and they used, with different approaches, the power of images and words to deal with the youngs, communicate with them and let them express themselves.

The first took place in a meltin' pot high school, Istituto Sassetti-Peruzzi where, even with some exceptions, the kids are already in an “anti-discrimination” mood. So they had the great chance to develop their knowledge about the links between their cultures and experiences, and to go deep in their personal stories to show them how close are their everyday lifes, their problems and situations.
Most of the kids enjoyed the workshop, not all of them were so interested in developing stories, but all of them had something to do and to be involved in!

The second workshop was held in a private school of art, Scuola Internazionale di Comics, where the students from the school and a group of youngs from a local Youth Center were mixed together. There, the participants had a higher level of knowledge of technical issues and the peer coachs could be more explicit about the topics of anti-discrimination and anti-racism, games and activities about understanding and acceptance of differences could be held, and the stories where closer to the topics. Everybody were really involved in the project, and they ask us to do it again next year.

All the collected stories and pictures have been published in the U-Care website and on the blog


31.07.2014 - 31.07.2014


Istituto Sassetti-Peruzzi

Contact person: Bernardo1986 > Italy


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